Jatinder Durhailay in his Studio

Photographer: Ryan Gattaora — instagram.com/ryan.gattaora
Model: Jatinder Durhailay — instagram.com/jatinderdurhailay

These photo’s were taken in Jatinder Durhailay’s home studio in Seven Kings in London. Jatinder is a artist who paints in the style of traditional Indian art. He let me stay a few days and into his studio so I could take these exclusive images of him at work, no one else has been allowed to do this before. These photos were shot on Portra 400 on 120 film and Fuji C200 on 35mm. The concept for this shoot was to show how work can be relaxed and creating art can be a natural thing of beauty and stress free. This is shown in the bright colours shown in the images reflecting a fun and calm environment.