Underneath the Clothes

Photographer: Lucie Nechanicka — instagram.com/lucie_nechanicka

From Lucie:

This series of photographs represents nudity in a pure and natural way. It is something innate that has always been here, and always will be. We are covering it up but underneath the layers of clothes we are all the same vulnerable creatures that feel cold, heat and pain. The naked body itself is not vulgar but beautiful, pure and connected with nature.

But today’s society tries to convince us that nudity is something bad. That depends on the photo itself but also on the perspective of the viewer. The female breasts do not mean anything sexual unless you want to see that meaning in there! Why not to see maternity there instead? Or admire the beauty and shapes of the body? Why did it become a taboo?

People forgot that we all were born naked and that nudity is our natural form. Even though we meet nudity every day – when we have a shower, go to toilet or have sex – even the most prudent ones!

People really do not know how to distinguish when nudity is bad and when acceptable. Girls are taking provocative, almost revealing selfies, uploading on social websites. Why is this not forbidden when it clearly means sex? People watch porn and disapprove naked breasts on the beach at the same time. They do not think.

We were taught not to think. And then we forgot who we are and where we came from. We are a part of nature and sometimes it is nice to take the clothes off and feel it.

The naked body is one of the most beautiful things that occurs in nature. I love discovering unusual perspectives and playing with lights and shadows. In my photographs I rather bring out the beauty, purity and aestheticity of my subjects than present something provocative or erotic.